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Monday, September 21, 2015

How To Wear a High Waisted Skirt

How do you wear a high waist skirt?

High Waist Skirts have made a strong comeback in 2015. This iconic fashion has emerged from the fifties and sixties. The newer versions of this skirt come in various shapes and sizes.

The skater skirt is the mini version worn above the knee.

The pencil skirt can be worn above or below the knee.

The flirty A-line skirt can be seen in floral, striped, and print patterns and worn as a mini, midi or maxi. Women of all shapes and sizes can wear this design nicely.

You don't have to wear a crop top with this skirt but one of the key trends is the crop top. It pairs nicely. The crop top has emerged as the go to top for the high waist skirt. This top gives a peek-a-boo affect, shows skin but not too revealing. Most are less revealing of any imperfections like stretch marks which may be a concern to many women.

How To Wear a High Waisted Skirt

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