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Today is an exciting time in the natural hair industry. I enjoy seeing the revolution as it is transforming. There are many exciting options available today that will aid you in achieving your hair goals.

A Natural Hair Doll

Aging brings about issues that have to be dealt with all on their own, but there is a lot of information that is available to treat conditions that are due to age. I find it very interesting to see that there are such remedies.

Dionne Warwick:
Aged Beautifully
Along with age comes the issue of scalp build up if it is not or has not been previously addressed. The scalp sheds dead skin cells and that combined with oils from the pores, grease, conditioners, and dirt can block the growth activity of the skin cells and cause blockage and inhibit the hair from growing. An effective method of treatment is to cleanse the scalp of the debris and build up. This can be done by using something as basic as apple cider vinegar or lemon juice from a fresh squeezed organic lemon. This should be combined with using a  brush to create stimulation and help loosen up any dead skin cells and debris that is intact.

Your hair needs to be nourished from the hair follicle and this is and can be done by eating foods like fresh salads, fruits and veggies and taking certain supplements that aid and increase hair growth. Don't forget to include drinking a lot of pure water on a regular basis. Water should be used to flush the body of toxins. This is done, not by sipping but by drinking lots of water in a small time frame. Do this three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening.

In order to heal the scalp of alopecia or balding, Aloe Vera can be used to treat this. Aloe Vera heals down to 7 layers of the scalp. You can use the liquid as a topical treatment once or twice a week. Put the liquid Aloe Vera in a spray bottle and spritz the scalp as often as you like.

Another remedy to clear away the debris and build up on the scalp is to clean the hair and scalp with apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Once the scalp is sufficiently cleansed and the debris is released from the scalp it is a good idea to stimulate the scalp with a brush on a regular basis.The hair should be brushed to keep the scalp clear and free of debris.

Natural Hairstyles

This post is for my teacher, Ms. Mau. She wanted to know how she could get a style that was funky and fresh. I went back and located this video, just for her. I hope you like it Ms. Mau! Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog.

White women enjoy different hairstyles just like we do. They too, want to be able to go natural and stay away from the chemicals. There is a grass roots movement toward natural hair care. 

When I was a little girl my great-aunt used to use strips of paper torn from a paper bag, to roll her dampened hair. This method created firm beautiful, tight curls that were then dressed with hair pomade and brushed. Well they say that there is nothing new under the sun, Fortunately for all women, regardless of  hair type, there are many creative ways of doing trendy hairstyles nowadays without using chemicals or heat. I am grateful for this cultural change.

How to Get Spiral Curls w/out a Curling Iron

Big Curly Hair Without Heat

Here is another technique you can use to create a trendy big hair style. I love this color. And of course you do know that you can also you synthetic hair to create textured styles by roller setting and hot water. The synthetic hair can be applied through the very popular technique called crochet braiding.

Crochet Braid Technique for Textured Hair

This is a favorite natural style of mine. I love this style because it is airing, and bouncy. You can use just one color or you can mix colors, either by having the top light and the bottom dark. The base consists of the clients hair being cornrowed tightly and the ends secured. Then a crochet needle is used to loop the synthetic hair through the cornrows, secure them and style. This style can be shampooed and style regularly. 

There is just one downside that I am familiar with. That is that the hair tends to pull its weight against the clients hair and if kept in too long, can damage the hair and cause breakage, especially around the top and sides of the hairline. So, be careful about those areas and avoid putting pressure on these areas by not pulling the hair back into ponytails and updos.

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