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Monday, May 4, 2015

Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2015

Fashion Forecast for 2015

This is an exciting year in fashion, because the styles are fascinating! We will see trends emerging from the seventies, on the runways this year. The glorious Bell Bottoms are making their comeback. All I can say is "Welcome back! You stayed tucked away in the fashion treasure chest for far too long." Yayy! The Bell Bottom re-emerges.

Bell Bottoms

The cropped tops are another idea that has returned this year, and are paired with high waist pants and skirts. So you don't have to worry about showing tummy or flesh, just in case you were concerned about that. Also tennis skirts are making a comeback from the seventies. You will see sophisticated sports style which is a mixture of sporty fashion and sophistication. For example, a short, flirty tennis skirt with a dressy blouse and pumps.
Crop Top & Tennis Skirts

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