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Lip Bite
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Glow and Tell 21 Day Challenge

The one thing I learned about being my most beautiful self is that, beauty is a habit. We all know someone who was born beautiful (we're all beautiful in our own special way). Born with it or not, to maintain it, we must become creatures of habit! I mean things like eating healthy vibrant foods, drinking plenty of pure water, walking for fresh air and exercise, thinking happy thoughts and giving lots of hugs, are all examples of great anti-aging habits. To help preserve your beauty and stay young, become a creature of habit and preserve what the good Lord gave you!

Even though I had been complimented by many people about how (even in my forties) I still looked 29, I realized that I was gradually starting to look closer to my real age! That was my wake up call! This could not be. Most guys my own age didn't pursue me because I looked so much younger. Younger guys would pursue me all the time. As a matter of fact I dated younger guys for decades before I chose to stop. I agree younger guys were more fun but life isn't all about fun. Is it?

Once I realized that gravity had taken a toll on my beauty, I begin to take steps to reverse aging and preserve my beauty. After all, I learned about beauty from a very young age because my grandmother was the first African American, in small town USA, to become a member of the coveted Presidential Club as a beauty entrepreneur with Avon. I grew up and became a Cosmetology major, I did makeovers, color analysis and skin care. I thought I was special and would be forever young, without putting in the work. After seeing crow's feet around my eyes, I made up my mind and signed the contract with Mary Kay. Soap was no longer an option!

Mary Kay products work well, if you work them. They are quick, affordable, and easy to use.  I see a significant difference in the appearance of my skin. When I wake up in the morning my face is dewy, fresh, and clean. I love the Mary Kay product line. The price is affordable and the products last for a long time. They are a worthwhile investment and I'm worth it! As a consultant I receive a discount on my purchases. Can't get that from a department store cosmetic counter!! Join others today who have committed to try Mary Kay for the Glow and Tell 21 Day Challenge and see for yourself the difference a good skin care system makes! #glowandtell

For more information on how you too can join the Glow and Tell 21 Day Challenge go to my website at #glowandtell

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